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About "Behsaman Sanat" Engineering Company

In year 2004 Behsaman Sanat Engineering Company was established with getting help from engineering knowledge and started its activity in the field of building cladding engineering.

Over a decade of accomplishment, this company with having financial, high technical and executional ability; could have a successful resume in the area of providing building materials related to interior and exterior cladding.

Behsaman Sanat by having an active office in U.A.E. in 2007 could begin its cooperation with the great company of Hyundai of South Korea in Aluminum Composite panels; and currently with having more than 110 permanent and dynamic customers has been reformed to one of the largest suppliers of building cladding materials in the country.

This corporation in year 2014 by acquiring representation from the great company of "STORAENSO" of Finland is messaging good news of another service in the building industry to all respectable applicants.

We hope to deserve your trust.





A brief about Storaenso:

Storaenso is the largest production company in the area of wood and paper in Finland. The production capacity of this company is more than 7 million meter cube annually and includes plenty types of wood products. The number of employees of this company is 29000 people and this company is one of the oldest registered corporations in the world.

The most stocks of this corporation belong to Finland government. Storaenso is one the prominent and reliable members of the International thermowood association and is one of the greatest producers of thermowoods in the world.