Product Guaranty

"Behsaman Sanat Engineering Company" by offering international ThermoWood certificates, standards, and licenses of StoraEnso Company to "Iran insurance", succeeded to obtain the agreement of "Iran Insurance" in presenting the certification of 10 years of ThermoWood products of StoraEnso of Finland in Iran. (The only company in Iran which offers the reliable insurance of "Iran Insurance" regarding ThermoWood products)

This matter has been done for consideration of the principal of customer service and assuring the satisfaction of our respectable customers.

The quality insurance covers the ThermoWood products of StoraEnso of Finland for the period of 10 years which is offered to customer after the sale.

For information about the circumstance of offering the insurance policy and its conditions, contact the technical san sales department.

Dear customer, it is advised that at the time of receiving the products insurance policy, pay attention to type of the insurance, ranking of the insurance, and the reputation of the insurance company. The ranking of Insurance companies can be checked from different aspects. It must get mentioned that one of the basic right of the insurant is to know the ranking of the insurance company in which he/she wants to buy the insurance policy from.

Of course it is needed to be stated that "Iran Insurance" is the biggest and the most creditable stock insurance company in Iran which almost has 50% of market shares; and in the latest ranking of the specialized insurance industry website, succeeded to gain the first place as an Incomparable company among all Insurance corporations.