Designing and cladding Engineering:

Passing time changes not only us, but also our tastes. Something that we like now is dislikable tomorrow, and perhaps something that is dislikable, tomorrow we like it.

In between there are some stuff that are always lasting. Therefore choosing a simple, elegant, permanent, and original structure shows its reputation. The building cladding is the main part of the building which is in the sight of everybody and is tested. Thermowood cladding with good design, correct application, and proper size can offer you an original, warm, pleasant, and permanent design.

We know your building cladding and Thermowood well, so we are able to design and offer an ideal and pleasant plan for you by using experiences and influence of great technical team; a plan which keeps its style through time.

"Behsaman Sanat" Engineering Corporation by applying technical knowledge and the engineering skills of the experienced and mindful architects designs building claddings and facades. In these claddings we can use Thermowoods, and combine it with other cladding materials and complete them that leads to the most beautiful and lasting claddings according to your tastes.



Construction, Execution, and Inspection:

The technical and engineering services in the area of supervision and execution are very important. If you use from the best primitive materials, but not have a drawing standard, or a good execution, certainly a good result won't occur.

We emphasize on this point that the entire work segments are significant. You by choosing the global brand of "StoraEnso" of Finland have selected one of the best products in Thermowood industry of the world. 

Now it is necessary for this product to find its display by correct execution.

This company with a long record of cladding execution and through using expert and educated forces, has made all its effort to complete and finish building claddings correctly.

The services package which is offered from Behsaman to its client in installation time is as follows:

 - Free consultation

- Surveying services and providing As Built

- offering Shop Drawings

- Supplying wooden and metal sub structural materials

- Performing substructure

- Cutting and installation

- Supervision and project management